How to Activate an Expired Listing



When your listing has expired, only the Designated REALTOR or the DR/ADMIN can change the listing and extend the expiration date.

If the listing expiration date is more than 30 days past, the listing must be re-input back into the MLS.  You can copy the expired listing, which will input the majority of the information from that listing, by using the “Fill from Cross Property” option.  Some information does not copy over, i.e.: Listing Agent/Office, Price or Photos).  Please check all information that is copied to the new listing.

 If your listing is less than 30 days off market then you can re-activate that listing.  Go to INPUT and type in the MLS # of the expired listing. (it will no longer appear on your “Select a Listing” drop down as it is expired.  Click Edit / this will take you to the “Modify Listing” / Click “Change to Active” / Input the new expiration date / Click Submit Listing.  If you select a property type (ie Residential) instead of Change to Active you will not be able to get back into the Expired listing and will have to contact SMLC to correct the error.

Look how easy: